Ayurveda was developed over 5000 years ago to help us deepen awareness of who we are in order to lead a more balanced, joyful, stress-reduced life. It focuses on self-discovery, self-knowledge, and ultimately, self-care and self-healing.

A significant part of this holistic science’s successful  approach to mind/body health and wellness is its focus on preventive treatment as a way to ward off illness, disease, dis-ease but also to create longevity.

Not only knowing what or what not to eat; but why, how and when is of utmost key.  Raw or cooked? Meat, vegan or vegetarian? Whole foods, Paleo or mediterranean diet? Gluten or quinoa? To cleanse, to detox or to juice? Superfoods, Slow foods or fasting…!?! Its not about the latest health food trend or diet – its about you and your unique mind/body constitution.

Ever notice how some of us can digest practically anything and yet others have more fragile colon, with continuous constipation, bloating or other digestive issues? Or how certain foods and lifestyle choices affect our humor, our sleep, make us feel heavy or lightheaded? Why is that?

Ayurveda tells us its all about appropriate and adapted diet and nutrition, lifestyle habits and choices. Join me this Saturday to learn more!