Ayurvedic Massage


Specialized hot oil full-body treatment favouring muscle and nervous system relaxation, lymphatic and arterial stimulation. 

60 min / $125  –  90 min / $150

120 min / 195$


Head, neck and facial marma massage; followed by sinus, mucus, head lymph treatment using steam and natural herbal nasal decoction. Great for sinus sufferers. (Light use of herbed oil on face, head, neck, shoulders).

60 min / $125 (+tx)


Vigorous deep tissue treatment favouring toxin elimination, vital energy (prana) and marma (meridian) stimulation. Suggested for issues related to lethargy, fatigue, mental/physical tension, muscle stiffness, circulatory issues, and to stimulate lymphatic system (personalized hot oil used sparingly).

60 min / $125  –  90 min / $150

120 min / 195$


Warm and consistent flow of herb-infused tri-doshic oil on forehead. Therapeutic treatment to relieve issues of fear, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, nervous disorders, and migraines through natural serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin release. A reinvigorating mind/body rejuvenation and relaxation treatment.

60 min / $150

Marma Balancing / Rejuvenation Therapy

Using Marma (energy points) to stimulate and tone organ systems, increase circulation, decrease tension and aid in detoxification. For issues related to physical-mental-emotional fatigue, adrenal/kidney depletion.

60 min / 125$  –  90 min / 150$

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