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I discovered ayurveda through yoga. At first, like most, I was skeptical. Can a 5000 year old medicinal practice be pertinent in today’s go go go, instant gratification-driven, egocentric world? Could an ancient Indian system of ‘holistic health’ favouring a so-called mind/body/spirit approach to wellness mesh with the strains, stresses and time pressured challenges of my modern lifestyle? The answer to these is unequivocally YES.

Yes if you believe in a preventative approach to health. That through specific foods and nutrition, appropriate and healthy lifestyle practices, exercise, self-care, meditation, and plant-based herbal remedies and detox methods adapted to your mind/ body constitution is the optimal way to remain mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy.
Yes if you’re wary of ingesting industrially and chemically produced drugs over the long run.
Yes if you believe that modern medicine and pharmacology can often times offer superficial ‘symptomatic’ treatment for your particular health concern, illness or dis-ease.
Yes if you’re fed up of being treated like just another patient, to be probed and prodded, seen not heard, rather than a sacred, unique and whole individual.


Allergies, anxiety, constipation, depression, diarrhea, digestive issues, emotional and spiritual health, fatigue, GI issues, IBS, insomnia, migraines, stress… Read more here!

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SlowFlo @ Yoga on the Park

New class at Yoga on the Park! 75 minute SlowFlo vinyasa with focus on linking and slowing down movement and deepening the breath. Accessing deeper stability, core strength and balance. Where: Yoga On the Park, 5586 rue Sherbrooke ouest (NDG) Starting Wednesday...

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I’ve been practicing yoga for many years at several Montreal studios. Each practitioner has his/her own style; Dominic is a skilled, hands-on instructor who engages with his participants, helping them into various postures. He also has a good sense of humour, which I appreciate! Dominic’s Slow-Flow and Candlelight Yin classes (taught at Yoga on the Park) are two of my favorites. The slow flow makes me stronger, and Yin is a nice complement, allowing me to relax and unwind.

Vanessa F.

Yoga practitioner

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Ayurveda pour le printemps

Avez vous déjà remarqué chaque saison influence votre équilibre biologique, physique et mental? Comme certains ont froid en plein été alors que d'autres se promènent en shorts, même en hiver? Avez-vous déjà remarqué que votre humeur, votre appétit, vos goûts...

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Vivez, mangez et respirez un été Ayurveda

Vivez, mangez et respirez un été Ayurveda

Chaleur. Journées longues. Sècheresse, légèreté et humidité. C’est l’été ! Pour certains c’est le début du paradis sur terre. Légèreté d’ésprit et d’âme, soleil sur le visage, qui enveloppe le corps de la tête au pied;. Fini les mains, les pieds et les os froids. Pour...

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